The Barista Art

Explore and domain the world of coffee

What is Barismo

Barismo is an art and a science that involves much more than just serving coffee. It's the art of mastering preparation techniques, knowledge of different beans and their origins, and the skill to create drinks with unique flavors and textures. It's a multisensory experience that will lead you to appreciate coffee in a completely new way.

Introduction to Coffee

You will learn about the history of coffee, the different types of beans, the growing regions, and the processing methods.

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Roasting and Grinding

You will discover how roasting and grinding influence the flavor and aroma of coffee, and how to adjust them according to your preferences.

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Perfect Extraction

You will master preparation techniques, from espresso to pour-over and French press, to achieve a balanced and flavorful extraction.

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Latte Art

You will learn to create beautiful works of art in your coffee drinks, using pouring and drawing techniques with textured milk.

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Coffee Tasting

You will discover how to taste and appreciate the sensory qualities of coffee, developing your palate and ability to identify flavors and aromas.

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Learn from experienced professionals, experience with access to professional barista equipment and tools, earn your completion certificate endorsing your acquired knowledge, and discover networking opportunities.


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