If you're creative, a free spirit, or looking for a different place to work, La Rufina awaits you far from the noise, surrounded by nature and tranquility. Here, the mountain and fresh air are your best allies when it comes to thinking, creating, and sharing.

Enjoy good food accompanied by a single-origin coffee to let your creativity flow.


Customized for your team

Pet-friendly, 10% off your bill, coffee, free WiFi, TV, and projector. Open Monday from 12 pm to 6 pm, and Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.


We are a place where you can live unique experiences with your team, from training sessions, team building activities, and strategic planning to recognition events. You can also enjoy Rufina evenings or nights with our workshops to disconnect from the work environment. Reservations are available for groups starting from 20 people.


"We are passionate about freedom, turning the wind into air and the ordinary into extraordinary."

Our location is ideal for offering products and services aligned with the LRFN Freedom Chasers brand philosophy.


At La Rufina

It's different; the details are unique and tell a story. We have approximately 12,000 monthly visitors who are passionate about motorcycles, forests, coffee, and grilling

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Coffee Workshops

The world of coffee is vast, and each part of the chain is key to bringing specialty coffee to life. Consult with our advisor about the variety of coffee courses we have for your team.

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DJ/Live Band

We believe that music is the perfect complement to any experience. Our musical genres range from Blues, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Country, Disco, Funk, to Son Cubano.


Outdoor kitchen

Special preparations in an outdoor setting. Guided by experts, we have the opportunity to learn and enjoy unique cooking techniques. A perfect experience for groups of people looking for adventure and culinary enjoyment at the same time.

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Photo Shooting

Our spaces and details become the ideal place for your brand's photos. Contact us and request a quote for the reservation of our locations for your Shooting.

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We are a group of people who want to travel differently, greeting the dawn with a coffee in hand and ending the day with a cold beer. We are versatile, and our table is set anywhere along the way, always well-prepared, always magical.

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Alquimia Workshop

Learn the art of transmutation: transforming emotions, ideas, or intentions into candles and incense, recognizing and exalting the magic of handmade and intentional things.

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