We've crafted a proposal to boost art, culture, craftsmanship, and city events, all gathered in our flagship location. Through various pillars, we're creating a stage that integrates different areas, performers, and collectives around education, gastronomy, fire, music, coffee, and more!

Arts and Crafts

An encounter centered on art, music, culture, and enjoyment. We gather various local brands, musicians, DJs, artists, and others in our space, aiming to promote different local movements and bring them together in the house of freedom.

Mountain Congress

Tribute to the Mountain Rufino. The scent of the damp forest, the crackling of the bonfire, and the murmur of the canoe breaking the water's surface. Where the aroma of leather becomes part of everyday life, and the hands of the leatherworker transform it into unique and essential pieces for exploring the mountain.

The old guard

Local brands, distant memories, workshops, trinkets, fashion, and other memories that we revive for you at the 2nd XXIII Old Guard Congress at La Rufina.




A space surrounded by mountains where time does not exist and the possibilities are endless.

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